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Premium Steam  of Cary
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About Premium Steam of Cary
Premium Steam of Cary Has been in business since 2002. It was started by Marc DeMont who grew up in Raleigh and gaduated from East Carolina University. It is currently operated by Marc and his brother Dennis. Together they have over 20 years of experience. Premium Steam of Cary was started with the goal of providing the best carpet cleaning possible. For that reason we invested in the best possible equipment. The combination of experience and equipment has been the reason for our success and the tremendous amount of referals we receive from satisfied customers.

The two most popular carpet cleaning methods today are Hot Water Extraction ( steam cleaning ) and Chemical Dry Cleaning.  

Chemical Dry Cleaning Vs. Steam Cleaning

   Chemical Dry cleaning consists of applying a chemical solution to the carpet, ussually by a pump type sprayer. This solution attracts soil particles like a chemical magnet. The carpet is than wiped with a cotton terry cloth attatched to a rotary buffer ( like a floor buffer with a towel on the bottom). The bufffer cloth is occasionally removed and rinsed in a bucket of water. This type of cleaning leaves the carpet dry and the surface of the pile will appear cleaner. However, since there is no rinsing of the solution, the chemical that is left in the carpet continues to attract dirt. After a couple weeks the carpet can be dirtier than before the cleaning. When we are called by disapointed dry cleaning customers, we simply rinse the residue out of the carpet. A carpet left residue free, stays cleaner longer and is healthier for your home environment. Chemical dry cleaning provides a topical cleaning only and leaves the carpet with sticky residue. Your carpet will be left drier than if it were Steam Cleaned but it is not really clean. This type of cleaning business can be started for under a thousand dollars worth of equipment. Chemical Dry Cleaning companies tend to spend a lot of money advertising and are always searching for new customers. Premium Steam of Cary  provides a quality service and retains customers. Premium Steam of Cary invests in equipment and maintanance not advertisement. We are Not the cheapest, but the Best.
     Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction cleaning provides a thorough cleaning by injecting a heated solution with high pressure while simultaneously extracting with a powerful vacuum. The carpet pile is left slightly damp and the backing and pad is left dry. 
Services Offered:
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet stretching (wrinkle removal)
Wool rug Cleaning, pickup & delivery
Auto carpet and upholstery cleaning
Emergency water extraction 
Carpet drying eqipment rental 

Areas Serviced:
Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Morrisville, Fuquay Varina, Garner, and Wake Co.
 Premium Steam of Cary Charges by the square foot. Our price is an all inclusive cleaning price. We don't charge for pre-treatments solvents, spotters or odocides.
    Sqaure footage pricing is the only acurate pricing method and those charging by the room tend to make sure they price in their own favor. A kids bedroom that is only cleaned in the traffic areas should not be priced the same as a living room.  
    Premium Steam of Cary does not charge to move furniture such as couches, chairs and tables. We just charge for the additional square footage. We put furniture on sliders to move it just off the area where it sits and after cleaning that area, the furniture is replaced and the legs are placed on either styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs.
Please call for a free estimate.
(919) 303-7485
 Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Fuquay Varina, Garner Morrisville Wake County
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